Formal Student Program
(1-on-1 + group lessons)
Private / 1-on-1



Our formal student program is a professional training program that aims to bring up advanced level players to compete in national and international tournaments. This comprehensive program includes packages of one-on-one lessons and group lessons.

A one-time admission fee of $500 per student is required to join the formal student program in order to strengthen commitment from both the club and the student.


Click here to check out our current formal students. 


Lesson Selections and Payment 收费计划

The same fee amount is expected to be made every month regardless of vacations and other events. If student's absence is due to table tennis related activities, make up lessons will be provided. We will not provide make up lessons if absence is due to personal travel reasons. 


Lesson payments are expected to be made by the 7th of every month. Late fee of $30 per day will be charged until the amount is paid in full.

Students who decide to withdraw from the formal student program are required to give us one-month notice.

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